Museum and Treasury

Un museo per un inestimabile tesoro. Quattordici secoli d’arte e di storia tra capolavori unici al mondo, dall’eredità di Teodolinda all’arte contemporanea.

The Museum and Treasury of Monza Cathedral

The priceless collection of relics, precious metalwork, sculptures and paintings in the Monza Cathedral Museum and Treasury attests to the craftsmanship of generations of artists and the generosity of its pious donors.

Unique in terms of the rarity and value of the materials used, it is also a precious chronicle illustrating the history of the basilica of San Giovanni Battista from its foundation to the present day. The collection vividly reminds us that for over 1400 years the history of the church was closely entwined with the events affecting the leading political and religious institutions in Lombardy, Italy and Europe.

During the course of your visit – beginning in the Filippo Serpero section dedicated to the early medieval basilica (no longer extant) and ending in the new Carlo Gaiani section with holdings from the erection of the modern church in the 14th century to the present day – the relationship linking the exhibits to the history of the cathedral will gradually unfold before you.