Regina Teodolinda

The restoration 2.0

The restoration of the wall paintings (2008-2014)

2008 marked a turning point for the chapel. On 24 January, the Fondazione Gaiani officially signed agreements with the various partners providing financial and scientific support for the great restoration project, and entrusted its management to Anna Lucchini, assisted by a very large team of helpers. After thirteen months of preliminary scientific investigations, with scientists and restorers working closely together, the operation began in earnest. The aim was to conserve the paintings and to save every original fragment, however small, created using oil and egg tempera, and such precious substances as laquers, gold, silver and tin: from traces of the horses’ harness to the gilded trimmings of the clothing, from the knights’ armour to the golden backgrounds and grassy lawns. At the same time, it was an opportunity to gather valuable technical data regarding, for instance, the pontate (sections painted in a single day) and the number of days taken to perform the work, the use of cartoons and complex painterly techniques. After six years of “surgical” labour with ultrasound, lasers, nanoparticles, light sources on demand, all combined with the restorers’ outstanding skills and abilities, we finally reached our goal: the Chapel of Theodolinda restored for all to enjoy.